In order to create customer and consumer trust, Animus has developed a high quality distribution net, that offers high quality distribution coverage
on the Croatian and Bosnian and Herzegovina markets.


Today Animus do.o.o trades with number of business partners, its continuous investment in development of the business corporation, as well as the continuing trend of growth within its business partner net.

We have a long running and successful cooperation with leading supermarkets such as Delta,Kerum, Tommy, KTC, CBA group and others, which has resulted in well developed partner relations.
Our products can be found on shelves’ in Konzum, Spar, Billa, Kaufland, Getro and others.
Also we place a lot of attention to the smaller customers that are selling our products on the smaller shops and markets.


Each day our ever increasing number of new consumers of Animus products is proof that with our product range we have recognised their desires, and changed their habits.
The building of trust and loyalty with the consumer, and the continuous research of their needs, has helped the successfully preserve the quality of our market communication, which is the main focus in our business approach.

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