Our task is:
- To provide customer satisfaction across all sectors with our product.
-To apply better understanding of the market and consumer’s needs, the current market trends, and to imply ethic trading practices across all our product range
- To acknowledge consumer input and  respond accordingly
-To secure the future profitability and stability of the company, as well as expand it.


Our basic vision as a leader of the distribution of the beans and garlic for the Croatian and Bosnian and Herzegovina market, is to increase the number of the satisfied customers and consumers of the Animus d.o.o. products, as well as too expand to the rest of the markets in the region.


Our success is based on:

  • A strong focus on the consumers needs
  • Superb quality of products
  • Developed distribution system
  • Knowledge and professionalism of our employees

Further on we are planning to:
Continue constant growth of the market share on the beans and garlic market,
and to expand the net of the partner companies branch offices in the country and abroad.

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