Products of the trade mark “Moje Zrno” have been grown,with the domestic  way of production, without  use of GMO and they are well known by quick cooking time.

Animus d.o.o.o  covers 30% (4.500.000kg of beans/per year) of the market in bean distribution in the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Type: Kidney shape bean, light-green colour
Taste:  Full creamy taste
Cooking: 30-45 minutes after sitting in the water over the night Use:  Great for salads, or with meat, when prepared as a stew it gives a lovely creamy taste to the soup.




Type: Light colour bean, with red –brownish dots, when cooked gets light brown colour
Taste: Creamy-nutty taste
Cooking: 30-45 minutes after left in the water over the night
Use:  Great for salads, or with pasta.

Traditionally commonly used for stews with cabbage,sugar-beet,barley broth



Type:  Square, flat bean shape
Taste: Balanced
Cooking: once boiled, cook for further  1h
Use: Great in soups, salads, side dishes and dips



Cooking:  to preserve all the healthy substances, it’s best used fresh,or just shortly after exposing it to lower temperatures.
Taste: Garlic has a very light, almost unnoticeable scent .
Once you start cutting, braking, squeezing it, the cloves immediately release a strong chilli aroma.


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