Grah s ričetom

60dkg of preferred beans
25dkg of barley broth
1 onion
40dkg of beef
15 dkg of bacon
10dkg of smoked shoulder of pork
1 carrot
1 green chilli (pickled- “Feferoni”)
1 fresh parsley
1 cloves of garlic
4 spoons of tomato puree, a bit of oil
2 spoons of flour
1 spoon of grated red paprika
1 spoon of “Vegeta “ – Vegetable  Granulated Bouillon, salt and paper

1.Chopped onion fry and steam  on oil, add grated carrot, than add finely chopped green chilli and garlic steam for further few minutes. Slice the  young beef , bacon and smoked shoulder of pork, mix with stewed  vegetables, add a bit of water then  add the tomato puree , spices, parsley, and beans that you have previously soaked over the night. Add the water so the meat and beans are well covered. If needed add more water so the ingredients are well covered, and cook for further 1h.
2.Separately cook  barley broththat you have added a bit of salt and vegetable granulated bouillon, and a slice of smoked meat (dry).
When cooked, drain , rinse and add to beans.
3. Prepare oil and browned flour with red paprika on a frying pan (roux).Add the roux to the dish and bring to boil.

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